Book seminar preparation

Hello again,

Next week we will have the literature seminar on Papanek’s book ‘Design for the Real World – Human Ecology and Social Change’ and the course reader. During this seminar we will do some value exercises and we will have a debate. The point of these exercises is to formulate opinions and arguments based on the literature you have read throughout the course.

We would like you to be able to prepare for this seminar in advance, so you will not have to ‘improvise’ to come up with some arguments during the seminar. Please look at the document ‘Book Seminar’ we have posted under ‘Assignments.’ This document introduces the topics we will discuss next week, so have a look at them and prepare your arguments (and perhaps take some notes).

This way we hope that all of you will be able to contribute to the discussion and to actively participate during the seminar.

Please contact us if anything is unclear 🙂

Cecilia and Heleen

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