Changes in the schedule


These are the last changes in the schedule:
- We have switched the Biomimicry lecture with the book seminar;
- The Biomimicry lecture will now be on the May 8th, this way the students who would like to use this theory for the final individual assignment have more time to learn about biomimicry.
- On May 15th, we will have the seminar on the course book ‘Design for the real world.’ You will have one more week to read the book (compared to the old schedule). This seminar is mandatory. Further instructions for this seminar will be posted soon.
- On May 22nd we will have Discussions and informal presentations of the final individual assignment. This is the last class of the course and this activity is also mandatory (and FUN!).

Please check the last updated schedule so you know the specific rooms for each date.

See you tonight!
Heleen and Cecilia

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