Important checklist for the final paper

Hej again,

Reading some of your papers we realized that many papers do not meet the basic requirements which are described in the assignment. It is very important that you carefully check the assignment and include the following:

- Your name
- Name of the assignment
- Date
- In text referencing
- A minimum of 6 references from the course content – books and reader
- A minimum of 4 additional references
- Include a reference list
- Check if you have addressed the question completely
- Consider the word limits

In case you fail to meet these requirements your paper will be send back to you and you will have to make changes in order to pass the course. It is better to carefully check these requirements in advance, because that way you will not delay your own process to pass the course.

Once you have edited and changed your paper please send the new version to, save the document as Revised_YourName_FinalIndividualAssignment.pdf (so we will not mix it up with your draft paper). In case you do not wish to make any changes after tonight and after checking the requirements, please send us a quick email to indicate you are satisfied with the paper as it is.

All the best!

Heleen and Cecilia

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