Last class Sustainable Design 2013

Hej everyone!

Tomorrow will be the last class for this year’s Sustainable Design course 🙁 (although we know some of you are quite excited to finish all the classes and start your vacation!).

We just wanted to clarify some things about tomorrow’s presentation: You will informally discuss your paper with some fellow students, so there is no need for fancy presentations or slides. You will be placed in groups in class. A print-out or digital copy of your paper might make it easier for you to discuss your paper with the others, so make sure you bring this. A few weeks ago we have changed the time for the class from the afternoon to the evening, so make sure to check the schedule.

After tomorrow, based on the comments and feedback you will receive from your classmates, you still have one week, until the 29th of May, to make last changes to your paper.

See you in class!
Heleen and Cecilia

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