New deadline for the research phase_Monday 11th of March


This is a reminder that the new deadline for your research is Monday, the 11th of March at 17.00 (instead of Wednesday, the 13th). You will submit only one document per group. Please send in your research to Again, the research must contain a minimum of 600 words per group member. Print your document and bring it to the seminar on Wednesday, the 13th of March.

Here are some general comments to keep in mind when you are preparing your document:
• Make sure that your research is complete and adequately addresses the research questions you have formulated as a group
• Combine the research of different group members in one concise, coherent and well-structured document
• Clearly state when you have drawn conclusions based on your own observations, interviews, etc. or when you make use of other sources
• When making references, please check Oxford or Harvard reference system. Keep in mind that a list references must be included for the whole document.
• Make good use of images to clarify your research, e.g. include maps or pictures to show the situation/problem you are working on. Cite the source(s) of the image(s) you include.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Good luck!

Cecilia and Heleen

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