New Intructions and Assignments are posted

Hej everyone,

You will find the instructions for your final portfolio and presentation above under ‘Group Work – The Design Process.’ Check these instructions carefully before sending in your final portfolio.

Here you will also find the document on Creativity Techniques. This document contains all the idea generation techniques we used yesterday, check it if you need to create more ideas for your project. The methods to select and develop your solutions are also included in this document. Use these to complete your solutions.

For the people that missed the seminar last week we have posted the make-up task above under ‘Assignments’ (Make-up Assignment for Seminar 1_13th of March). You will have to complete this assignment in order to pass the course. We will post another make-up assignment there soon, for the people that missed the Problem Solving Workshop (Make-up Assignment for Workshop 2_20th of March).

Feel free to come to us with questions or when you feel you’re stuck with the project.

Good luck!

Heleen and Cecilia

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