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Some of you might be interested to know how to buy locally produced food in Uppsala. This is some information about the food cooperative in Flogsta, ordering food from farmers around Uppsala's close surroundings (among others, Kjell Sjelin who we will visit on monday). You, who want to order please write your name + UAG + your E-mail address into the "name-field" of the order sheet (link below) and write an e-mail to flogstamatkoop@transitionuppsala.se that you want to join the koop and mailing-list, you will get more info about the Koop via e-mail.

Except from the message pasted below, your can read more about the cooperative in this document: Flogsta Matkooperativ in Practice.

Hi all wonderful foodkoopies!

The order sheet is now open for orders until Monday night - click on this link to place your order. Please write your name (even if you order together with friends) so that we know who to contact if we need to reach you. Also, remember to check  that the value in ”Total no.” stays below ”Max order”-value when placing your order! To make sure that we are able to pay the  farmers on time, all members are encouraged to make a one-time deposit of 100 kr, that will be paid back when you leave the coop.  You can make the deposit together with your order by putting a "1" in the "deposit"-row. If you have any questions about ordering,  feel free to ask us in the order group: flogstamatkoop-order@transitionuppsala.se

News (was new last month, but please consider for this month, too)

- Oats from Uggeln - running out! The daughter is taking over (something something, don't remember exactly what we said), but any we won't be able to order from them for too much longer as it looks right now. So stack up if you usually use their products!    - Lin seed oil - buy it! What's up with the lin seed oil? Is it too expensive? Does anybody even want it? : )  Anyway, it gets bad eventually and we have 11 bottles at the moment.  - Mustard from Garpenberg - we now have... two sorts of mustard!

Fine dijon mustard and coarse dijon mustard, to be precise.

Payment Make your payment when the cellar group has confirmed that everything has been delivered. Don’t forget to write your name  (the same as in the order sheet) in the message-field! If you transfer more than your order costs, the excess will give you a  positive balance that can be used for paying future orders. You can check your balance in this document, which is handled by the  finance group. If you have any questions about payment, you can reach them on flogstamatkoop-finance@transitionuppsala.se

Bank: JAK

Clearing number: 9549

Account number: 1033959022

Pick up The cellar group receives the products and sends out a confirmation when everything has arrived. After that, you can come to  Flogstavägen 93F to pick up your stuff in the cellar. (Please wait for their confirmation before you get your stuff, as there might  be confusion otherwise!) The key and the card to access the cellar are hidden on a super-secret place around the corner. To get  to know the place and the code to access the cellar you can ask a koop friend. Contact the cellar group if you can’t find your stuff  in the cellar. Example: Don’t take five 1 kg bags if you can’t find the 5 kg bag that you ordered.    Please observe that all products have to be picked up within six weeks from delivery! After that, they will be given away - but you’ll still have to pay for everything that you ordered. If you have questions about delivery or storage, you can ask  the cellar group: flogstamatkoop-cellar@transitionuppsala.se

Happy ordering!  Marian for Paulina for the order group  🙂 .



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