Monday’s Fieldtrip to Vattholma

On monday, we're going to Kjell and Ylwa Sjelin's farm in Vattholma. For those of you who go by car together with me and Chris (Anna, Nea, Sara, Tilde, Joakim), we'll meet outside Blåsenhus at 9.30. Maku sure to be there on time and let us know if you by some reason need to cancel the trip (Olivia: 070 589 58 37. Chris: 070 376 98 35).

For those of you who'll go by train from Uppsala: There's a train leaving Uppsala Centralstation at 10.09. The car will pick you up at Vattholma Station around 10.20.

For those of you who take the train from another location, try to chose a train that arrives before or shortly after 10.20. Please let me or Chris know if you arrive later, so we know if we need to wait for you.

For those of you who take your own car, try to be at the farm around 10.30. The address is: Hånsta 74, 74392 Vattholma.

For everyonebring good clothes and some food that can be shared with others - and we will have a nice potluck lunch! We're not sure how long we will stay on the farm, that will depend on the weather and the level of your desire to work and hang out with each other and the animals. The train back to Uppsala leaves every 30 or 60 minutes.

Looking forward to another great field trip!



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