Pocket Park Fyrisån, Jan and Tim.

Some of you might remember that I mentioned an initiative called Pocket Park Fyrisån a few weeks ago. A group of people have created a floating garden in Fyrisån and this Saturday, on June 28, they will have there premiere! You will be able to visit the floating garden for the first time this year, and also meet a bunch of interesting people invited to talk about urban gardening, green rehab and permaculture! Unfortunately, I think everything will be in swedish - but I know most of you understand the language, and for you who don't - it might be nice to at least visit the garden and ask some questions. The garden is located close to Jernbron and the event starts at 11 am.

Attached is two links to Pocket Park's webpage and facebook page.




For those of you who want to send your material to Jan Boelhouwers, this is his email adress: jan.boelhouwers@kultgeog.uu.se

Timothée Parrique who gave a lecture about "Foodonomics" do not feel comfortable with putting his powerpoint on the website, since it contains pictures without sources. However, if you'd like to have the powerpoint, please let me or Chris know and we will forward it to you in an email as a pdf file.

Thank you for another fun week! Have a nice weekend and we'll meet again on monday (if not on saturday, at the floating garden)!


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