Week 5

On Monday afternoon, we have 2 lectures; one on the Transition Movement with Claudia French, and this is followed by a skype lecture with Andrew Faust on Urban Permaculture and Bioregionalism - 2 great lectures to round off the course! Please read the articles for weeks 4-5 before then. The lectures start at 14.00.

On Monday we will pass around a sign-up sheet so you can register to present your final project on Wednesday, either in the morning (10.00-12.30) or the afternoon (13.15-15.30). You are only required to attend the session you are presenting in, but you can of course attend both sessions.

Your presentation should last 5-7 minutes, and include a visual aide - a Power Point, Poster, or a physical object. There will be approx. 10 minutes for questions and discussion after each presentation.

See you next week!

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