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Miguel Núñez # Posted on October 26, 2015 at 20:08

The archaeological methodologies explained in the conference gives me more scientific elements to comprehend the importance of the excavations of land, picking up fossils, analysis of charcoal and polen, and about the designs of diagrams which help to represent in long term dure, issues such as the crops. Its relationship with nomadic and sedentary practices have been underlined in many environmental histories but without the specific detail of the methodologies drawn today by Valentina Caracuta.

Another one interest point touched in the discussion was about the interdisciplinarity of the archaeological scientific practice, in his partner relation with the social sciences, for example. The mention about the written documents which could be base of explication for certain events partially understood by the natural sciences and his technologies of investigation, was a kind of inspiration for carrying on my thesis work. It because telling social stories could be a lamp for answering questions about the human motivations in the impact of his environment.

About the domestication of crops in the long term duree and the spread of anatomical modern humans out of Africa, it is wonderfull know that the nathufian known about the value of crops in the process of human surviving. As we experimented in the debate, the archeological efforts to give data which sustains theories about the processes of development of the homo sapiens have his scopes and limits. There the social sciences research contributes by telling the social dynamics between human groups.

Questions such as Why in the past the human impact on his environment by burning and cleareance lands had importance?, is one that only can be answered by telling social stories. Then there, the natural sciences came to sustain those social theories. I think that it point of convergence between sciences shows a future for the humanities, perhaps in the recovering of those ancient ideas which understand the science as a universe able to give enough explainations to all the questions.