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Sanna Karlsson # Posted on December 6, 2015 at 18:32

Reflection to Fanny:

You wrote in your reflection of the seminar concerning us surrounded by short information everywhere we go and how this can make us disoriented of our place in the world:

The more complex and connected the society gets, the more do one person need (and want) to keep along with the surrounding society. This takes time and effort. The more things you need to bear in mind, the less can you go on the depth. But the loss in depth also makes people lose interest. We became more hungry on fast and quick info, just because we need to stay connected with a complicate society, however this do also detache us at the same time which makes us bored and uninterested in complex issues.

I understand this dilemma. I believe there is an answer to this. As the society gets more complex, there will be no chance we could keep up with it, as you said, we have limited access to time and effort. Maybe finding our place in the world is instead about becoming more simple and thus more selective in what information we choose to attend to. As you mentioned, much of the info is unneccessary. If we were more selective could we also go in depth on the things which really matter to us and also hopefully there would we find our place in the world. This could mean to choose ”fika” with some class mates, rather than watching more TV. Choosing to look at Facebook only once per day is another example. But each need to find their things to cut out.

You also posed the question: Is an article like a scientific blog post? I would say so. However probably to more value than a regular blog, or that is,depending on what it contains. The difference is that scientific articles tend to later end up in a book summarizing for example what´s new in the academic field concerning a newly discovered bodily enzyme. I have a bachelor i Biomedicine, and there I bought books on for example, the anatomy of the human body. It was a thick book, all based on articles and research. I must add here that there is a good thing I believe to often wanting quick information. For example, if one research, one will always get quick overviews of a book, or abstract of an article, in order to select whether the information is interesting and needed or not. Thus again, is selection something of great value.