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Anneli Ekblom # Posted on February 11, 2015 at 20:56

Thank you for your submissions! You have all done well, constructive critical but polite and respectful comments. I think your 2nd year collegues will appreciate your comments a lot and I will forward your comments to them. The individual assignments are not graded but I want to comment style of reviews in general for the future. Try to lift your reviews and reflections to an analytical level. Eg there is no need to repeat excactly what a person said or wrote, what is interesting here is how you contextualise this in terms of your personal reflection. Some of you have made personal reflections and have assessed the projects by suggestion angles, research questions and also constructuvely challenged some assumptions in a very elegant way (read for instance Josefin Heeds extended analyses of Morags project). Please read each others reviews to learn from each other and also discuss this in your course meeting on friday.