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Henrik S # Posted on January 26, 2015 at 16:11

What historical narratives of the north and perception of nature are prevalent in the making of mining institutions? (Case study mining in Norrbotten) – Markus
Described as a metahistorical and phenomenological analysis, Markus will look deeper into the mining-sami issues in northern Sweden, i.e. Norrbotten, in the context of Sweden as a colonial state. Sweden has indeed a long history of subjugation of the north – often with racist undertones.
History is always written by the victor, hence a certain narrative are imposed to legitimise rights and claims. The suppression of the Swedish north is generated through stories produced and reproduced from mining companies and government since early modern times. Alternative stories and narratives of the subjugation of the northlands are hidden in education, in a semi-conscious way I would say, in order to maintain status quo. Thus, the aim for Markus is to see how different actors, government and indigenous alike, are using narratives for their actions. How do they justify their rights, claims and decisions? Through parliamentary debates, articles and interviews deconstructed by a method of discourse analysis, the hopes are to find this alternative narrative and expose the ‘silent history’, as I understand it.
I am with Markus on this one – we need to question current narratives, and instead see things from a different perspective and have multiple answers to same question. We need divergent thinking. Beware of subjectivity though; try to keep as biased as possible.