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Ylva Lundkvist Fridh # Posted on February 17, 2015 at 17:11

Comment to Peter:

Dear Peter!

You wrote: “It is also evident, though studies of the polar ice sheet, that agriculture over time collectively has contributed more to climate change than the last two hundred years of modernity.”. I have not heard this before and find it very interesting! What is your source? I did not see that claim in Dust Bowl.

I also find it very interesting, and possibly brave, that you question the whole basic narrative/theory of Dust Bowl. Namely that capitalist profit maximising cultures are especially prone to create natural disasters and deny the fact that they do so. It would have been interesting to hear more of that critique of yours! It might need to be more developed, for the reader to follow you. I don’t believe after Worsters seminar that he actually meant that the mechanism is very different in an communist dictatorship or even an welfare, liberal, capitalist state, but that the real alternative lies in creating strong local communities that act upon etic values rather than competion. Did you interpret him differently? And do you not think that capitalist economies like US (and China!) are the worst contributors to global warming?

You end your reflection by referring to Worsters talk about Bio-mimicry. What are your own impressions and thoughts about this idea?

Kind regards
Ylva Lundkvist Fridh