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Reflection on Flavia Reflection for Worster

I have got your argument was a one way which described only what he stated on the conference hall or the class. But what about the other view? I liked the point you have pinpointed but what about the blanks space he left? For example he said that agricultural system should be designed from ecologist perspective rather than economist. However he didn’t brought an idea on how both groups can work together. If only ecologist going to design the agricultural system, then how world economy will support the population?

At the same time Worster was not clear on his economical ideology. Example he mentioned in the class that he lost one job because he mentioned the Marxist idea at the very outset of his book –“The Dust Bowl”. As you already mentioned in your reflection and stating in his speech, he talked about capitalist idea can destroy the environment. He explicitly mentioned that the result of capitalist and continuous extraction and exploitation of the environment clearly manifested on the southern plains. In some sense he appeared to be the opponent of capitalist but he didn’t phrase out in clear way. I am not clear also why he mentioned Marxist ideology in his book and claiming that environmental history is not a closed field rather a change of world view towards his environment. I would like also if you could argue on this expression.

The other point that he mentioned on the seminar was the exploration of the world environment, making of new boundaries and cartographies. He said that “as people explored around the world then it made an extra fire in destroying nature”. But he didn’t mention the exploration and extra information can also help us to mitigate the current environmental crisis. I would like also if you could argued his pessimism and ideological reluctance’s.

If we can’t change our ideology towards world economy then it is uncertain in which way the environmental history will change the world view. I think the central point of the argument is how we change our view if we couldn’t change our ideology? I think changing an ideology comes before changing world view of every individual. Here it seems to me, the main task of the global environmental history should change the world view by changing an ideology. Example introducing new economic system and religious perspectives looks to me a good option to bring people altogether.