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Camilla W # Posted on March 26, 2015 at 17:22

Comment on Lauri’s text from Camilla

Lauri, first of all – thank you (and Ghide of course!) for organizing the workshop! I thought it was a very nice workshop and I especially enjoyed our discussion at the farm. I am sorry that the second part did not happen as you had planned.
I agree with your thoughts that the bigger animals are being chased away from the inner city, in Stockholm they shoot rabbits as well – and they are actually orginally domesticated rabbits that people have just released into the city. It is interesting to see how they only have a place if the place is confined, as in the 4H farm, but not when they are wild and untamed. Perhaps we only seek some kind of control, and are disturbed by not being in charge for once?
I also liked your notion of the animals being perceived as being out of place when they are in the big city, it reminded me of Mary Douglas’ matter-out-of-place theory.