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Henrik S # Posted on March 31, 2015 at 10:43

Comment on Ylva’s reflection

Hej, Ylva!

The idea to include non-human life in the governing of the commons is a very ecological idea, perhaps very good, but I agree that Metzeger does not operationalise how this would happen. However, I think it may be possible to consider the animals, such as horses, birds, smaller mammals etc. and their needs in an urban common. That may be, as I see it, a inclusion of non-human life and an acknowledgement that humans are not alone, not separated from nature and other animals.

Regarding the urban area I think it is simply impossible for non-human life to live harminiously, save perhaps domesticated pets (but even that can be argued against). But I think that in green urban areas, such as park landscapes, it is important to include non-human life in planning and governance, take their needs into consideration. And I hope that future urban planning and architecture will be more ecological (or green) and plants and fauna play a vital part in the urban ecosystem.

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