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Peter # Posted on May 27, 2015 at 09:01

Comments on Ylva´s reflections

As you point out Ernstson has shown that people with access to social network also yield more power. I therefore think it is an important reflection that potential democratic problems is likely to arise as social networks influence ecosystem services management for the common good. Indeed the benefit of ecosystem services very for people and it is vital that those managing the system accommodate for all.

You also reflect on the changing values of city planners during the last decades. As a long time urban dweller in Stockholm I find it impossible to ignore that the central city areas no longer accommodates for all. Wealthy building entrepreneurs are awarded rights to build larger and more extensively were possible, which obviously affects urban green areas and the benefits of ecosystem services. I believe Ernstson, though critiquing the use of the term ecosystem services for it, show that economics and ecology need to go hand in hand. You´re reflection points to a multiple use of the terminology, something I fear may be ambiguous for the future study of ecosystem services.