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Meghan Buurmans # Posted on March 5, 2015 at 18:22

Meghan’s comments on Josefin’s reflection:

I like how you use the concept of limits as the main theme in your reflection. It keeps the reflection logical and I believe that in sustainability, limits is one of the main concepts and concerns that we have to deal with. It is not something that I got from here during the lecture, but you are right that some of the examples she gave could illustrate limits very well. I guess the river is a physical example of how we have to adapt ourselves to limitations in the landscape, it literally pushes how we can or could live. , It is also an example of how we can complete change the landscape and what the dangers of that can be. I also like how you gave a practical example of why we need to learn from history, although it is a bit simplistic, this may convince some people who don’t really see the use of history. I agree that we always create facts, and maybe we should concern ourselves less with the distinction between facts and narratives and instead focus on trying to create these facts as well as we can.