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Elizabeth # Posted on October 2, 2013 at 08:56

As I have been recording my experiences in a tumblr account as I’ve gone, I will admit that I forgot to update this forum. I have really enjoyed the challenge- it has encouraged me to try some great new recipes and embrace a very healthy diet. I have cooked a number of the recipes from the website you recommended, and they’ve all been yummy (though I’ve tweaked most of them by adding chilli, ginger and more greens). My favourite part of the challenge is that I have met lots of other vegetarians, vegans or even people who enjoy the occasional vegetarian meal, and we’ve been discovering all the places around Uppsala where you can eat good vegetarian meals. Kalmar’s Friday night restaurant is a favourite! I think I’ll be relaxing my diet a little so that I can try some of the Swedish specialties while I’m here, but I think I will continue eating mainly vegan meals because I feel healthier.