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Ylva Lundkvist Fridh # Posted on March 12, 2015 at 12:59

Comment by Ylva Lundkvist Fridh on reflection by Meghan Buurmans, 10/3-15 Current Debates

As an organiser, I am glad to hear you enjoyed the seminar and found the feedback useful!

A further comment from my side on your proposal is: how you would connect it to IHOPE-project and the research they presented in this weeks reading? Do you think your question would benefit from taking a longer term perspective or is it best fit for a decadal timeframe? In a way, I think that the question of going from information to action is suited to a short timescale, as you suggest. But if you would like to enlarge the timescale, maybe it would be fruitful to compare different events in different decades?

Now when I think of your proposal I start to think of a concept introduced to me at an earlier CEMUS course. It is the theory of shifting baseline. The theory more or less says that we tend to get used to changes, especially environmental, so we do not perceive them as how radical they actually are. So, we think a certain state seems normal, when we should be alarmed. Maybe that could be a useful theory when looking at why (or if) people do not take preventive actions when you expect they would. Read more here: