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Meghan Buurmans # Posted on March 12, 2015 at 20:37

Comment on Lauri

You write a good proposal, showing the topic, what needs to happen and what some of the issues or limitations are. Your place is well defined and does not seem too big. The time scale seems hard since you probably need access to people, since there might be few written accounts, although you might have access to travel accounts or so. I wonder how much environmental data is available in this region, but that is something you would have to see or perhaps contact people or organizations for. You have a number of different viewpoints that sound interesting, but you may have to combine them or pick one. I think land use is a particularly interesting issue, as it is very relevant today. For the social organization you need to have certain contacts and most likely translators. It does sound very intersting and possible, but there are some practical limitations that you would have to address. It is interesting how you wrote the proposal and related it to the IHOPE readings. I agree with you that some of the discussions in IHOPE seem really big and as you said, we need that as well, however, it also offers some problems for our discipline that may have to be addressed.

Also, thanks for you comment, Ylva, I’ll have a look at that concept!