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Lauri Jokinen # Posted on March 13, 2015 at 14:09

Comments to Henrik

As I said also in the seminar, what you presented about the north of Sweden seems like a very interesting and a recommendable thesis topic. You also seem to have a strong connection to the area and thus I would say it is a good idea to formulate a thesis topic in connection to Norrland. You bring up a really interesting issue regarding how there have been, and still are, interventions by the state and private companies to extract resources but on the other hand there have also been interventions justified through a discourse of conservation. I agree it would be interesting to see how the state has justified different kinds of interventions and what kinds of reactions this has caused in the local communities. I don’t know what you will find most interesting and what you will choose to do for your thesis, but I see a good topic in examining the use of conservation or resource extraction as justifications or reasons for interventions in Norrland by the state and other actors. I’m looking forward to hearing how you will develop your ideas on the thesis further!