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Josefin Heed # Posted on April 28, 2015 at 11:53

Best thing with the day?
To hear about all the different topics and see how much further the 2nd year students had come since January.
To do the opposition, it was nice to practice (but also hard).

Worst thing with the day?
That it was hard to stay active when I had so little knowledge about the content of the other thesises.
Lack of oxygen in the room.
Schedule with no planned pauses.

Self-evaluation: what was difficult, how did you handle it, how did you experience the context?
It was difficult to do an opposition on a thesis of a topic that I did not have so much knowledge of from the beginning.

next year: it will be you that will be the defendent, how would you like to design the process then to benefit you the best?
Perhaps we could have two groups with 4-5 in each and that one 1st year student and one 2nd year student opposed on every paper. Perhaps we could also have access to all the papers so we could have an idea about them before we get there. Though I doubt anyone would read all the papers anyway… But it would at least give better conditions for fruitful discussions.