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Peter # Posted on May 4, 2015 at 08:34

Short evaluation of the pre-oppsition day

Best thing with the day?
The insight I got regarding the thesis work process. It made it clear that their is no one template for a successful thesis. The process needs to be suited for every specific thesis and person.

Worst thing with the day?
Not having read all of the presented thesis work it was difficult to contribute, or even follow, all of the pre-oppositions.
It was a long day in a congested environment which made it difficult to stay concentrated.

Self-evaluation: what was difficult, how did you handle it, how did you experience the context?
The opposition was difficult because the opposed thesis was presented in fragments. To give opposition I needed to weigh what would give value to the continued thesis work, this was in parts like fumbling in the dark. The authors information on what he wished me to focus on was of great help!

next year: it will be you that will be the defendent, how would you like to design the process then to benefit you the best?
Perhaps we could divide the opposition into smaller groups. This would make it easier for participants to have at least an overview of the presented work. It would also be great if all the opposed work would be made available.