Reply To: Dec 8th: An Ecology of Mind (Gregory Bateson)

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Reply to Michael’s relfection

I find Michael’s reflections to be very insightful and eye opening, actually at least as much as the film itself. I did not get as much as him at all from the film (it was somewhat difficult to hear what Bateson said). I, of course, agree with Michael about the interconnections in nature itself and between human, its mental and physical constructions. His comparison with M&N model of cross-faculty collaboration is good, but what I miss is the involvement of natural science. That is because I believe it is good with a balance between humanities and science to describe and take actions, for example to understand and to convince people about the importance to act NOW.
Michael writes that labour division as a distinct feature of a society. Then I would add that having different classes in a society is not unique for humans, just think of bees, ants and even mammals like lions (lionesses have different functions during the hunts). The line, another interesting discussion in his reflections, could probably have different meaning among people, either or both negate and positive. Certain may want to have that line to separate humans form other societies, other want to brake it, or at least make it dotted, thus having the opportunity to start explore the other side at the same time as being secure in the old “territory”. As Michael writes, the dotted line give hope that we might want and dare to look for g GOOD life. If I understand Michael correctly, he does not firsthand think of a life rich in money, but a life that rates other values. Again, I am not sure that we are the only mammals/primate to reflect on quality of life!