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Reply to Wenzel Steinig

I found your refinement of the response and the questions you asked to be rather interesting. I have to say that my feeling with Ingold in general is he is not offering practical steps to take to change what he analyzes (such as maps) but simply is deconstructing their purposes and consequences. I suppose this analysis is a mandatory step when/if one wants to change the way humans interact with the world. I would guess that despite deconstructing and criticizing the impact of maps on human’s relationship with the world, Ingold probably still finds instances where he has to use them and is probably not designing an alternate guiding system for humans. It would be very interesting if he was though, and I do wonder how Ingold interacts with the very world he spends so much time thinking about. There is a lot of abstraction and quite a bit of impracticality in applying some of Ingold’s ideas. I suppose a lot of that is rooted in the way the world is organized and thought about today. Ingold definitely offers some challenging and interesting perspectives nonetheless.