Reply To: Mon 14 Apr: The Perception of the Environment

Author Replies # Posted on April 16, 2014 at 10:34

Reply to Erika’s reflection by Yaqi Fu (04-14 seminar)

Coincidently I get almost the same impression with you when I tried to read Ingold’s book. There are many concepts which would be abstract and hard for me to fully understand, meanwhile some ideas and perceptions from him are newly developed and have changed many of my stereotypes as well. I agree with you that the new definition of landscape made by Ingold is a quite interesting change that would turn the attention of environmental research from human to more about nature. Nature, a living subject as Gaia then comes to the center of acting in environment history. In your optional choice chapter, the question about “build environment” and “man-made” in my opinion at one side would help reconcile the long existing dichotomy but on the other side may also drag us to the thinking that man should control the nature.