Reply To: Mon 17 Feb: World Systems, History and Ecology

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Reply to Sanna’s post:

I agree with you that what matters is how people act to environmental problems rather than speak of it. First, however, we must point out the environmental problems and realize how the problems are connected with other disciplines in order to find out the complexity of the environmental problems. In Moore’s cases, the environmental problems are majorly linked to finical and capitalist issues. Besides, you point out that not only the discussion we had but also Moore’s articles concern little about solutions to the environmental problems. In my opinion, it is the complexity of the problems that makes the solutions hard to decide. Since the problems are so complex to solve, why don’t we begin with simplifying the problems instead of solving them directly, which are hardly to achieve?

I’m so happy that you’re considering working in environment field. If you virtually determine to work in that field and hope to change the world into a better place. I suggest you start from a small picture instead of a big one since environment is already a big concept. If you start with small issues, one day you may achieve big ones.

The biggest reward in our program, in my point of view, is that we all have different academic background. Every time I discuss with you, I absorb new knowledge from you. It’s really a nice learning experience and I like the structure of this course, especially the discussion part. By the way, Sanna, you did a good job as a student organizer.