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By Yongliang Gao

I agree with you that if technology is used locally, perhaps a larger gap would be occurred between the North and South. In my opinion, I think it is rather difficult to use technology locally considering current world system. The world is like a pyramid, and the North stands on the top of it while the South stays on the bottom. The North manipulates financial circuit and core technology while the South is forced to accept it because of the lack of money and technology. This means, to alleviate world’s inequity and injustice, the South ought to use the technology in a way the North does in order to climb to the top of the pyramid, because just like what Hornborg had said, money invests technology and technology makes money. In this sense, technology should be used globally rather than locally.

Besides, I agree with you on the zero-sum theory. I believe technology does not cause a zero-sum consequence. Instead, it is the world system that technology builds on lead us to the zero-sum scenario. We should not in any circumstances, contaminate technological progress because nobody is willing to go back to the time when technology was not as influential as it is today and besides, nobody is able to achieve that. Rather, we should keep moving and use it wisely.