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Reply to Anna Shoemaker

I agree with you on this question. I think you have a red line with capitalism that´s interesting and highly important when discussing world-system perspective. Like you, I also highlighted the importance of core and periphery and the importance of understanding the connections between them. I also enjoyed your reflection about pre-modern capitalist societies and today´s capitalist society. The issues we have today are problems that can be traced back to older societies. It can by valuable to see the connections between yesterday’s social systems and todays.

You mention that we live in a capitalist system today, and the systems inequalities in regards to labor, resources, land, and capital. From what I understand about world-system perspective, these are essential connections and problems that a capitalist system has. I think it´s interesting that you speak of inter-disciplinary approaches, and that makes me think that inter-disciplinary approaches should be highlighted even more in environmental problems. Inter-disciplinary approaches can help us identify the connections in the world-system.