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Sorry for replying so late, I was on my way to Kenya yesterday/today.

Reply to Morag Ramsey on thoughts about technology

I agree that Hornborg’s ideas on technology were really interesting, and, as I wrote in my post, i was taken by his research. I can see how through his research technology appears to be something negative rather than neutral. But I would say that if technology is a negative notion completely depends on the context it is put in. Within the context of world ecological capitalism and technology’s position within it, yes, it is negative. It is displacing resources and energy from one place of the world to the benefit of another part of the world. However, I cannot feel but that technology is not completely bad. It enables us to study and research the world. Without it we wouldn’t be able to understand the world, neither would we be able to practice medicine as we do today.

I would also say that technology does not predispose the global price difference. The global price difference comes from capitalisms necessity to create excess capital. Although technology does enable that to certain extent. But technology still enable/promote a price difference in a different world-ecology system?