Reply To: National Parks, civilisation and globalisation

Author Replies # Posted on May 22, 2014 at 17:02

Repy to Wilen’s post- Nationalism,Conservation and Globallisation: the History of National Parks
Dear Wilen, Thank you for your work and I have interesting to know your idea about National parks.
Generally, I agree with you that enrirometal issue is not only concern about one place or one country,is our issures-as human being. like what you metioned on your paper that we can not wait too long until everyone in the world all know every datail about nature , we have no time.
But I also want to point out that, the reason when many people talk about national park always have an emotional or phsical reaction,even a little bit negative is not because they really dislike it. As what I feel is just result from their bad experiecine about the concept of national.
We all know that behind of the national, it always come with big interests, finance supporting from the state.Look back our human being’s long history, we have many nice ideas such as help each other, to be rich together,socailsim, communism and so on. But until today we still could reach those aim. Because we have to admit a reality that world is not flat,social develop, economic develop and also political develop hardly keep in a same level. Using myself as an example, I have really bad impression about the concept socialist, I treat it as a joke. The reason is because China has totally failure in reach this aim, the name socialist had been utilized by China government to cheat normal Chinese in past half a century.It resulted my parents’s tragic life.So that in a long term I could say definetly I dislike this so called socialst idea, I dislike national wherever it be used except education and medical. But after I came to Sweden, which is famous as socai system in the world, I started to realize my mistake. The problem is not socialist, but our government utitized the idea in order to getting people’s supporting and in the end
to be powerful. It’s unfair to blame the socialist or national. What I would like to express is, why many people feel sensitive on national park is not because the concept itself, but because the misunderstanding which came from what they had suffered before. And those bad experence all have close relation with the country’s embody institution. Differnt flowers need to be planted in the different soil otherwise it cannot grow up and bolsomThis the reality which we couldnt run away from it.But I still want to say that we should do sth as much as we can, we should start the frist step rather than nothing to do. This is what I felt from the lecture and seminar.