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Reply to Nick’s post
By Yongliang Gao

I agree with you that there is a need for formulating criteria so as to regulate national parks. But as what I know, national parks are always built with an aggressive commercial aim rather than the aim of conserving the biodiversity or ecology within the parks, although politicians always highlight the environmental benefits that national parks could release. That’s why a national park is usually a well-known tourist destination even for the UNESCO world heritage sites.

It may seem frustrating, but I think somehow a national park is catastrophic to the environment as long as it is open to human beings. I think mankind should just leave the nature as wild as it should be instead of turning it into a park because a lot of people would be easily attracted to a national park and I bet where there is people there must be pollution!!! However, I do appreciate the need of being an UNESCO’s world heritage site as it is human patrimony and if we do not protect a heritage site, it would be destroyed by natural or human activities some day and consequently the physical evidence of our cultural root will disappear at the same time.