Reply To: National Parks, civilisation and globalisation

Author Replies # Posted on May 21, 2014 at 16:27

I have attended a really good open lecture and also discusse with Jane Carruthers, a pioneer in South African environmental history. It gave me a deep impression about National park development history in South Africa. I hope one day I could get a chance to go to that nice country. During the discussion, we talked about how globalization could contribute to a healthy environment of valuable nature with a healthy human society bordering national parks. Because I have worked for China local government for more then 4 years, So actually I have strong intereting to think about how to make a nice claim come to tureth. As what I understand, national parks as a concept is not easy to set up and also copy to different courtries.It need a good social system or constructre. How to make decision on finding correct place to set up national park, how to set up a good standard which is not only concern about economic but also good at environment protecting. For example, In order to help the poor town in China, China central government has a policy that every 5 years selects 100 poorest town in whole country, give them extral money and free taxe to help them delveop the local economic and education which I think is a good idea. But during those years I had worked, I have noticed what those local goverments did was just try to prove there town is the poorest..They even fake important data in order to get the huge money which is come from central government. In the end the local people didn’t get the help, the “helping 100 poorest town ” project just become to another corruption way .What I want to figure out is, behind the national parks idea, it also means collect money from state to certain region. It concerns huge interests. People can do whatever to get it if a society lacking of good supervise system and fari law system which is always lack of in most of developing contury,