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Sarah Rodrigue-Allouche # Posted on October 29, 2014 at 01:06

Reply from Sarah
Thank you Nisa and Michael for your very interesting posts. I am getting so much out of your reflections, and I do agree that Ken’s book is not flawless. But it’s a good book to get California kids to question the system, if I may say.
Thank you Nisa for bringing Koyre into the debate. I think you’re right, whatever we do we can’t get rid of the phenomenal experience. That’s what makes us humans probably.
On the debate about potatoes: I’m not sure if that solves the ecological crisis, but for me gardening makes me happy and that constitutes an end in itself (to feel happy). So I’ll keep doing it, not as an activist activity but because it brings sense in my life to create life.
To reply to your question Nisa, I guess that when absorbed with my thoughts I am somehow disconnected from the bodily experience just as you say, and unable to embrace the Oneness with the rest of the universe. That might sound very Buddhist but that’s my perception of things. Thinking too much is not healthy! 🙂 But I’m glad for you if thinking makes you feel grounded and connected. Everyone has a different approach to reality and I guess we should respect that 100%.
Thank you again everyone for the very rich debate. It enabled me to realize that I have grown a lot in my understanding of environmental history since Ken’s course back in 2012.