Reply To: Oct 20: Kenneth Worthy Seminar

Author Replies # Posted on October 24, 2014 at 06:43

From Maria: I find Nik’s discussion about the role of religion for our environmental awareness and the actions we take or not take, interesting. Although it seems more or less obvious that it is probably part of the modern human intellectual to consume. With modern I mean from the time we could communicate and have mental ideas of who and why we are and how everything around us was created. I agree that religion could have a tendency to make us less prone to take actions ourselves instead of trusting something else to take the responsibilities. He comments that “Western demand for products” is an important fact for the environmental destruction, but I do not think that the Asian people are less prone to buy if they have the opportunity, unfortunately.
Worthy is admirable in his positive attitude to the possibilities to change our behavior for a more sustainable result before it is too late- He talks about a “multi stage” process, in which there is the result from short-term actions, that are directly rewarded, and then the long-term process that will take generations to give any results. He explained to my opinion that it then will be too late, that giving up is the worst we can do and that the techno-rational view of science somehow is to blame. To some degree I also approve his idea, but think that we NEED science and science need to involve the humanities to solve and discuss together. But still, generations from now, even with small progress, it will be too late for the Earth to support an overcrowded and highly unequal society. Maybe, when the filthy rich and environmental ignorant people cannot buy clean air, clean water, nontoxic water etc, they at least realize the problem.