Reply To: Oct 20: Kenneth Worthy Seminar

Author Replies # Posted on October 21, 2014 at 09:29

My analysis after the Kenneth Worthy seminar on Skype:

I though his book Invisible Nature was very interesting to read, with particular chapter 8, whic gave some obtainable solutions to how to solve diffrent ecological crises, and how to change policy etc. Where many others of our lecturers or readings have solutions which in my mind will never work because of bureacratic or legal problems, I found Worthy’s more realistic. Even though some of them were quite complicated when considered, they seemed more plausible than I have heard so far. I think for many of us, especially who are researching policy his book would be helpful.

One of the discussions; about the East and the West made me think though. It seems often that Christianity and the loss of religion in the Westis a precedent for many of our ecological nature. However, as I htought about it, I think that religion is just another tool to dissociate ourselves from nature, and is not actually protecting our environment. Parts of Asia are highly religious, but they also have considerable environmental problems (of course this is also because of Western demand for products; I am aware). However, I think that religion gives us a reason to think we are being good, even though we are not watching out for the environment, mostly because religion is aimed on primarly the family.

In the end this sense of religion takes away the responsibility of the individual; which should be the one in control. Too often we blame other agents from the problems we have. TO come back to chapter 8. Worthy shows great examples of how some of our actians can take in immediate effect, and how we can help start a process of raising awareness and turning around our ecological state. He acknowledges that ti will take ages before we can turn around the damages that are already done, but he gives us hope for today, which is quite important.