Reply To: October 6: Science and Potery

Author Replies # Posted on October 7, 2014 at 16:46

Reflection by Yongliang Gao

The poem I shared with you is called waterfall wonder at Mountain Lu by Bai Li:

Purple smokes arise from Censer Peak in sunlit, a waterfall hangs like a screen seen afar. Streams rush down from thousands feet, as if galaxy falls from the heaven.

It would be a litter difficult to apply the ecology criticism to analyze this poem though, as there is barely ecological sensibility or romantic ecology can be drawn out from the text, that is however exactly why I chose it, since it is special and the poet did not write the text as a reflection of human emotions, which is very unique in comparison with other poets in the same historical period. In a word, the poem let me get a sense of nature dominated view in art rather than putting humans in the center.

In terms of the book Science and Poetry, I have a doubt of Mary Midgley’s opinion, that is she upholds for individualism in the society majorly refers to the West though, she does not reason it that much and expresses it as a common sense. My concern is then: can we really choose how to behave as a human entity? I would say we were born with a lifestyle and do not have much capability of changing it as the culture will it so. For example, I was told and taught that collective actions are encouraged not individual actions and if I go against the doctrine, I will be judged and criticized by the entire society. I wonder how single individuals can compete with the whole society and the mighty culture that goes around the society.