Reply To: October 6: Science and Potery

Author Replies # Posted on October 8, 2014 at 15:05

Reply to Morag on Midgley and her book by Maria. I did not read the interview from the Guardian yet, but Morag has told us a little about her. She seems to be fully mentally acitve and a tough woman, although having the age of 95 years. Being an academic originally, she left and now work as an independent philosopher, yuo might say she is a pioneer, knowing both science and humanities. The philosophy field is new to me and despite it is interesting to listen to different stand points, it will never be a favourite academic topic, but I still enjoyed this seminar a lot.
Morag’s piece on nature was interestingly a painting she had had for years. A cracklingly dry landscape with dead trees and a penguin chick in a refridregerator, obviously put up by human(s) and fed by it parent. It actually reminded me about Gary Larson’s aimal comics which always have a sarcastic base behind the motif. A picture can be easier to remember and to visualize compared to written art, and I have already had Morag’s picture in mind several times. Of course it is an exaggerative view, but may be not for too long. With its humour it can start a discussion that can continue in to a more serious dialogue about what to do to prevent the climate change to continue as rapid as occurs now.