Reply To: Reflections by Maria on lecture of 9 June

Author Replies # Posted on June 12, 2014 at 12:52

Hej Nik. I am sorry for the late reply.
It was interesting to learn a bit of Slovenia’s natural conditions in relation to Sweden. It would be interesting to have some figures over different countries capacity to store co2 in their forests. As well as co2 numbers of petroleum based goods in contrast to wooden based products. Persson seemed to put high hopes in hydropower as well and you tell it is also a part of Slovenia’s energy recourses. Nuclear power though is a difficult issue and I think that discussion is better held another time.
The reasoning you have on work and relation to nature I am not prone to totally agree with you. As you I also think a more holistic work process were the employee see the goal of what you do and have an influence over the work situation is a positive thing for the individual. Tough I think a shortening of the total amount of working ours (or ours spent at the work place) could make people more engaged in issues they are passionate about outside work. At least in Sweden many people have a recreational relationship with “nature” in their spare time. If people could increase their time spent in and with nature their relationship to e.g. the forest and its inhabitants would deepen and the understanding of its ecosystems would improve. I addition this also could improve people’s engagement in environmental issues. Hence less working ours more time to spend on issues not related to employment. Maybe this also could make employees take their passion and knowledge back to work in a greater extent if they are less stressed-out and tired?
Women tend to vote for the Environmental party in a greater extent than then men in Sweden. The correlation between a more egalitarian society and engagement for the climate maybe comes down to women as one of several reasons.
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