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Global Challenge think-tank
Lecture by Kristina Persson

Kristina Persson presented sustainability as a three folded concept with interconnections; Economy, Environment and Social. This is the well-known and common used definition of sustainable development.
Tough it is good to get insight in a world we rarely come in connection with as students, a practical approach in the complex world of politics, I think much emphasis were laid on the present economic system and growth. In an academic world we sometimes need to be face to face with the outer world to get less theoretic-philosophical and more hands on. In this sense it was a healthy seminar. “The means is the market” was something Persson said during the seminar. I think this is overall true today but I don´t think it has to be true in a future, we can change systems. I am at least convinced we don´t need exponential growth. I even think it is harmful for the earth and its inhabitants including the humans.
Persson want to add long-term and sustainable perspectives to politics. I also think that seems to be needed, just think of the lack of leadership and forceful decisions when it comes to the question of climate change, all over the world. She also asked for global governance. I think maybe we still are in a transitions phase in relation to the intensified globalized market and issues that comes in its wake. Persson showed us a graph over the speculative market and the real economy. The global speculative market has increased vastly since the 80s, this is quite recent in a historical perspective. What is sad is the bad impact it already had on the ecosystems and humans, when we humans at the same don´t seem to be able to follow the speed of the market with good governance.
I was impressed by Persson devotion to an important issue she believes in. I think we are on the same page but have different ideas on how to reach sustainability within the boundaries of the earth’s capacity. Me and Michi were discussing after the seminar and talked about persons such as Kristina as an important link between paradigms and politicians in power and the usually more radical under-current in civil society. The society and the earth need those people who can build bridges and communicate with different lingos in different spheres. I believe Persson can be listened to in different contexts, conservative as well as radical ones and that is an important ability to inhabit.
Ellen Lindblom