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Reply to Maria Wilen
Nik Petek

Maria posted a very interesting reflection on Persson’s lecture and criticising some of her ideas (in a good way, pointing out the deficiencies). I would like to shortly tackle some of the questions Maria provides for us. The first one is how to convince western shopaholics (or anybody for that matter) to recycle and reuse. One psychological reason we should try and convince people to do that is because people that shop less and spend less money are happier in general. The UK newspaper, a couple of months ago, published articles on why the British politicians have been so gluttonous and “inhumane” when research came out that people who spend a lot of money are unhappy and also become less personable. I recommend the read.

The second question concerns the drastic fall in production and related jobs. Unfortunately, jobs are being automated and this trend will continue. Any work that requires repetitiveness will be automated, and hence people will have no jobs. That is why innovation and jobs that require human thinking are the way forward in any industry. That is also why small companies are important, because they have the freedom to be innovative, they are not the tankers, but nimble fishing boats. Unfortunately, in this capitalist world the small companies get incorporated into the big corporations, thus keeping the tankers strong as ever.