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Peter # Posted on April 1, 2015 at 09:59

Comments on Camilla’s reflections from Peter

Thank you for you reflections on the seminar regarding Nilsson’s and Christensen’s research of the Artic region. Obviously many of the participants were commenting on their future research studies, which it is in fact not possible for you, or anyone else that has not read what they have done so far, to comprehend in its entirety. Not least detailed theoretical and methodological discussions of such research!

Nilsson´s argument regarding understanding the meaning of the term governance I believe is important. Especially regarding governance that involves the environmental, where participation from non-state actors are vital for progress in governance.

Regarding so-called Hard laws and Soft laws it would be interesting to know if they argued for a certain mixture of both of these, or if they were partial to one or the other. Depending on the actors, and the circumstances involved, I would think that both are useful tools to achieve compliance and/or cooperation.

It is also interesting that Nilsson pointed to the array of global actors that are now stating their claim in the artic regions. Likely this is due to the natural capital that it contains, but it would be interesting to know more about which interest prevail among global stakeholders according to Nilsson and Christensen. In this regard the mentioned future studies that they are undertaking will give valuable insight.