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Reply to Michael-Deflorian

First, nice reflection!

Secondly, you have finally provided me with an example of non-human agency! While I have been basically avoiding the whole concept altogether as I could barely wrap my head around the agency of a rock, you managed to somehow give me an example of non-human agency that finally makes sense. How you described the constructed agency of the edelweiss is something I will try and keep in mind going forward.

Thirdly, I have been humming the song ‘Edelweiss’ to myself since reading your response.

Fourthly, (I am abandoning lists now) I have come to similar conclusions about the interdisciplinary nature of our field. While it is definitely more challenging than staying where we are all comfortable it is bound to push the envelope in ways that are really needed. In fact, I wish that it was feasible to insert interdisciplinary methodology into academia at large. What Sorlin was saying about scientists coming up with fascinating histories struck a chord with me, as there still must be many hidden ways to read and write history and I love the idea of it being unlimited. I think, perhaps, that is the only way to achieve a holistic and consequently honest collection of histories. The reinvention of history is rather exciting to me, especially in unforeseen directions. (Unless those directions are terrible. That will be bad.)