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Reply to Morag Ramsey by Kristina Berglund
I also found our discussion the other day stimulating and helpful. Like you said it can be rather interesting to ‘go back to the basics’ after some time in the program in order to gain some new insights on how proceed and develop our thinking, not least for our upcoming thesis writing. I find myself much more comfortable in our discipline now after a year than I did in the very beginning, even though I still sometimes struggle with defining the discipline of environmental history and how to present it to others. But at the same time I also think that one of the biggest strengths of GEH is that it is precisely this broad and imponderable since it opens up for many different possibilities and ways forward. Interdisciplinary is indeed a great asset for GEH and I have increasingly realized during this year how important integration of different kinds of knowledge is and will be in the future to address current environmental problems. That’s kind of how I see Sörlin’s categorizations of expertise as well, that we need to be open for, and combine different kinds of expertise and not only rely on traditional ‘scientists’. But then I think the whole concept of expertise in itself could be a topic for a thesis, what do we really mean with it? Anyway, I guess that can be a discussion for another day.