Global Challenges and Sustainable Futures

GCSFWhat are the challenges facing humanity today and in the future? How can we create and rediscover sustainable ways of living on this planet?

With accelerating trends such as climate change, water scarcity, energy depletion, social injustice, economic crisis, resource wars and other challenges, there is a growing need for sustainable alternatives. This course connects guest lectures that describe the severity of the challenges and workshops that discuss the possible sustainable responses and solutions to those challenges within the context of a specific global city and region. Students will have the opportunity to link global challenges to their own local and cultural backgrounds.

We are looking forward to 'Global Challenges and Sustainable Futures 2014'! At the moment we are working hard with the last details before we start the course in September. Please keep checking this course portal for the latest updates, soon we will post the preliminary schedule and additional information regarding course literature.

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Instructions Poster Presentation

Hej everyone,

At the end of this course (only a few weeks away now) you will present the outcome of your project during a poster presentation. Here follows a few guidelines to keep in mind when creating your posters:

- We do not expect scientific poster presentations
- Focus on the most important elements from your project, rather than trying to include everything you have done. Don’t worry, the examiner will read the complete reports.
- Include a brief background of your challenge and region, but focus mainly on the solution you have created.
- Make sure your solution is presented in a clear and concise way: someone with no prior knowledge should be able to understand how and why your solution is suitable to address your challenge in your region.
- Create a clear structure for your poster, e.g. making use of clear headings.
- Make good use of visuals. Long pieces of texts are not suitable for a poster.
- If you do not use your own visuals (e.g. your own drawings or pictures) make sure to include the source of the images.
- Your poster must the size of A1.

Apart from these points, feel free to be creative and present your project how you think you can communicate it the best way.

During the final presentation evening we expect all group members to be present and active (meaning, being able to address questions, as well as ask questions to other groups).

Good luck with these final steps in the project!

Ben and Heleen

Deadline reminder: Eaarth Literature Assignment


Here is just a quick message to remind you about the next deadline for the literature assignment which is this Sunday, the 7th of December at 23:59. Please make sure you upload your assignment on time. All assignments are checked for plagiarism and therefore we will not accept assignments which are send to our email, Studentportalen only!

Good luck finalizing this assignment,

Ben and Heleen

Get there early!

We're expecting a full house for tomorrows lecture with Alan AtKisson, there'll be an attance list passed around so make sure you sign it!

See you then!

Make-up task final presentation

Hej everyone!

We have already heard from some of you that you will not be able to attend the final session due to travels, etc. If you cannot attend the final presentation either and you have a valid reason then you can join in the make-up task for this final session. Please inform us tonight or through email (before the end of the week) so we can plan this extra presentation session.


Ben and Heleen