Global Challenges and Sustainable Futures

GCSFWhat are the challenges facing humanity today and in the future? How can we create and rediscover sustainable ways of living on this planet?

With accelerating trends such as climate change, water scarcity, energy depletion, social injustice, economic crisis, resource wars and other challenges, there is a growing need for sustainable alternatives. This course connects guest lectures that describe the severity of the challenges and workshops that discuss the possible sustainable responses and solutions to those challenges within the context of a specific global city and region. Students will have the opportunity to link global challenges to their own local and cultural backgrounds.

We are looking forward to 'Global Challenges and Sustainable Futures 2014'! At the moment we are working hard with the last details before we start the course in September. Please keep checking this course portal for the latest updates, soon we will post the preliminary schedule and additional information regarding course literature.

If you already have any questions, feel free to contact us at gcsf[a]



IMPORTANT: new time guest lecture – start 18.15

Hej everyone,

Sorry for making this more chaotic than necessary, tomorrow's guest lecture (25th of November) with Martin Gunnarsson will actually start at 18.15 instead since the lecturer will have to come from a bit farther away. With a short break somewhere in the middle we still plan to finish around 19.30 as usual.

Pehaps you could use this time to discuss the feedback you have received (hint, hint)...

See you tomorrow!

New Guest Lecturer: Martin Gunnarsson (lecture starts at 17.30)

Hi everyone,

Due to the last-minute cancellation last Tuesday and the switch with debate night we now have a new guest lecturer visiting GCSF this coming Tuesday. Martin Gunnarsson will visit the class to talk about what municipalities can do in order to create sustainable futures (so the theme of the lecture has not changed). Martin, a former CEMUS student and guest lecturer, now works in Knivsta as an urban planner. He focuses on enterprises, infrastructure and sustainability issues in this small town between Uppsala and Stockholm.

Important note: this lecture will start at 17.30 instead.

See you on Tuesday!

Deadline Reminder!


This is just a reminder about the deadline this SUNDAY just before MIDNIGHT. It's really important that you hand in this assignment on time. Upload your groups draft report to file area 'Global to Local Project - Draft Report'.

The course coordinators will distribute the draft reports and contact information to the opponent groups. Each group has until the end of the week to review the draft report and to write and send the feedback.

In your feedback focus on the quality of the background information and analysis, as well as on the solution provided (Is the description clear? Is it complete? Does the solution actually address the sustainability challenge? Etc.). Also provide feedback regarding the structure and format of the report.

Send your feedback to the group before SUNDAY 23rd November at 23:59 (please include in Cc).

The course coordinators will also review the draft reports and provide feedback.

The last three weeks of the project each group has time to work on the feedback received and to finalize the report.

Good Luck!

Change in schedule: NEW deadline literature assignment

Hej all,

We have switched Alan AtKisson's guest lecture on the Sustainable Development Goals with the literature seminar. Alan will now visit the course on the 2nd of December and we will have the literature seminar on the 9th of December. Due to this switch we have decided to move the deadline for the literature seminar to one week later as well, the new deadline is now on Sunday the 7th of December at 23.59.

The schedule posted above under course information has been updated accordingly.

Ben & Heleen