The Global Economy – Environment, Development and Globalisation 2014

GECWhat is the real wealth of nations? How is the global economic system performing under increasing ecological and social pressures? Which institutions and actors have the best opportunities to work towards building desirable and sustainable economies?

The course aims to present a variety of theoretical perspectives on issues of political economy in the context of sustainable development. Throughout the semester, different theories and historical examples are analysed and discussed in sessions with knowledgeable and inspiring guest lecturers in order to offer a multidisciplinary understanding of the global economy’s role in today’s world. Keeping a good balance between abstract and concrete, as well as particular and general, the course constitutes a basic toolbox to understand economies in the 21st century.  Embarking on this journey of discovery, international and Swedish students will reflect critically on the past and current state of the economy in order to imagine alternatives economic futures.

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Instructions for Stiglitz literature review

Dear class,

I've uploaded instructions to prepare next Monday's (20th) literature review on the Stiglitz's book. A PDF of those instructions can be found under the heading "Assignments and Instructions" or here. The deadline to submit your preparation on Studentportalen is Sunday 19 October 23:59.



Make-up Task for Module 1 Exam

Hi everyone,

Generally you all did a great job on the exams! Again, the exam is meant more for you to get signal of how you are doing in the course so far, rather than as a large part of the overall assessment.

However, you still need to have passed the exam to pass the course. A passing grade is 50% (8 correct out of 16 questions total). Those who did not pass must complete the following: answer correctly all the questions you did not get right, and send them in an email to by this Sunday, 12th at Midnight.

The correct answers will be posted to the course portal on next Monday, 13th. Good luck and now let's dive into Module 2: Understanding Economies...

Tim and Lakin

Debate teams and email addresses of members

Hi everyone,

Check under 'Assignments and Instructions' for your debate teams, and the email addresses of your team members. Also take a look at the 'Debate Series - rules of the game', which outlines the instructions for the debates. Start meeting as soon as you can to prepare, and get ready for one of the most fun parts of the global economy course!

Tim and Lakin

Watch the film ‘Inside Job’

It's time to be finance geeks on a Friday night.

Inside Job, a film about how the 2008 global financial crisis went down, will be screened at Hamburgsalen, Geocentrum, on Friday at 7pm. Bring snacks/drinks if you wish.

Those of you who cannot come on Friday will need to watch the film before Monday 6th October (we recommend those who have seen it already re-watch it so it's fresh in your mind). On the 6th we will discuss the film, look into the 2008 financial crisis, and use parts of the film actively during the class. This will also provide a good basis for getting into the Guest Lecture on Wednesday 8th from economist Michael Wendshlag: "The Economic Crisis of Today".

See you Wednesday,